Anne offers a straight forward no-nonsense approach with all her clients. Whether your business is a start-up, or a small medium enterprise, or a larger-sized organisation, Anne has the marketing experience that can add real value to your business. This is just one sample of the type of general marketing support which Anne can provide:

1. Marketing Audit – Understanding

The initial briefing meeting involves listening to the client and gaining an in-depth understanding of where the business is at (i.e. audit of marketing activities) and determining what you, as the client, are aiming to achieve. This meeting also helps to identify areas which have been inadvertently overlooked by the client.

2. Marketing Improvement Plan

A comprehensive report is prepared by Anne that provides a review of the key issues and objectives arising from that initial briefing meeting. Clear targets are set and outlined by Anne, in conjunction with the client. Timelines are set. The Marketing Improvement Plan provides a strategic overview of the business and provides a solid platform for progressing the various marketing & sales tactics/initiatives which will drive the business forward. As a result of the Plan, the client will readily see the opportunities that exist for the business to move forward. The client will start to see a clear path to follow and understand the actions that need to be taken, why and how. This Plan will be presented, discussed and finalised at the 2nd meeting.

3. Marketing Improvement Plan – Review

At the 3rd meeting, Anne sits down with the client to review progress on targets set as part of the Marketing Improvement Plan. This meeting provides an opportunity for client to touch base on all agreed objectives and associated activities. This review helps identify what further actions might need to take place in the future as part of an ongoing marketing strategy to continue to grow the business.

At all stages throughout the process, Anne can serve as a sounding board for all new ideas. The objective is to ensure that the Marketing Improvement Plan is being adhered to, that the various marketing tactics are having maximum impact, and of course, achieving the desired results.